YOUR Favorite 2019 Posts

Your blog is one of the best examples of community. 
You tend to collect people!
Every blogger worth her salt loves to put up posts that facilitate energetic, spirited conversation.  When all is said and done, it's not about the number of hits, likes, or shares.  It's about the depth of the relationship that springs from her readers knowing they belong, that they are valued, esteemed, loved, and accepted. 

And out of those relationships, good discussions follow.

Most bloggers work hard not only coming up with posts that matter, but in building community that's safe, warm, and welcoming.  One post, one comment, one discussion at a time.

Here's the 2019 posts that most resonated with you, based on the numbers of you that took the time to join the dialogue.  For some reason, you hung out long enough to leave your mark, your wisdom, your humor, your imprint here.

And I am grateful.

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There's something challenging about sharing a post at someone else's place.  Even though you might know a number of her readers, you want to put your best foot forward because you're a guest in her home and you want to honor her gracious welcome with an offering that's in some way meaningful or provocative or eye-catching.  And, truth be told, you hope that maybe you'll gain a few new readers of your own in the process ...


Who doesn't enjoy reading their friends' end-of-the-month posts?  Perhaps taking a peek at what's saving their lives in the current season?  Or skimming through what a kindred spirit is loving, hearing, learning, and paging through ...


February was created for leisurely reads, stories that capture your heart, and thought-provoking conversations between friends.  And that's why I've chosen Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis as our first 2019 Book Club selection ...


... To be honest, I'm not quite sure where I'm going with today's post.  I'm flipping through my journal even as we speak, hoping to find some tidbits that might grab your attention, touch your heart, or give you cause for pause.  In the last month, I've spent hours with my journal {which is 'code' for talking with God}, sorting through my life, my priorities, my stuff ...


... Year #13 of blogging has snuck up quietly this week, tapped me on the shoulder, pulled at my heartstrings.  In some ways I'm surprised to still be pecking away at the keyboard after more than a decade, dreaming up something of value every week or so to offer you.  But when I think about it for just a bit, it's not at all a surprise ...


I have no words.  I don't even know how to tell you.  Except to say that my beloved niece Jessica was taken up to heaven unexpectedly early Monday morning ...


I took a great big breath and ventured deep into the bowels of Blogger which is not my favorite thing to do since the day I set this blog up ... and in the process almost deleted it and my dear Creekside Ministries website from whence I came.  Talk about anxiety ...


I love doing life in community with you, friends.  In fact, I thank God upon every remembrance of you {Philippians 1:3}.  Yes, I do!

If you've never subscribed to our little online community, I can't think of a better time than now ... you can click right here.

And let's see what God does with our calling, our communities, our creative work, our ministries, our families in 2020 ~