Tiptoeing Gently Into Year #13

Well hello, my friends!

The list of errands is done for today, the groceries stored in the cupboards and fridge.  The snow is swirling lightly yet persistently.  I'm sipping a mug of mulled cider while I watch a lone turkey circling the bird feeder, pecking randomly at the spent hulls on the sandy soil.

He doesn't look at all that happy ... either he's not all that pleased with today's meager leftovers or he's missing the gang of 15 who usually accompany him as they traipse through the woods looking for berries and seeds.

Year #13 of blogging has snuck up quietly this week, tapped me on the shoulder, pulled at my heartstrings.  In some ways I'm surprised to still be pecking away at the keyboard after more than a decade, dreaming up something of value every week or so to offer you.

But when I think about it for just a bit, it's not at all a surprise.

I love blogging.  Period.  It's become as natural as the air I breathe and I enjoy the connection with like-minded spirits, the ongoing conversations, the iron-sharpening iron relationships that have taken root with so many of you over the years.

Blogging's been a faithful, steady companion, a comfort of sorts during unwieldy transitions, seasons of grief, and random uncertainties.

Along the way, I've become an attentive student, a grateful beneficiary of all your wisdom, life experience, creativity, humor ... and most of all, your passionate walk with our Lord and Friend, Jesus.

I'm thankful.

For sure I've learned much along the way, like writing when I have something to say and not because there's some kind of life-draining schedule mandating it.  I've learned that mentoring others and having others mentor me is always a needed call.  I've become more aware of unpleasant emotions like fear or jealousy that can raise their ugly heads at the oddest times.  And I've learned what to do with those unwelcome calling cards.

I talk about the tendency toward sloppy boundaries and tyrannical numbers and misplaced focus right over here ... and I came up with 6 keys to help you be the boss of your blog which you can read right over there.

Maybe some of my hard-earned lessons will save you a bit of angst along your own long term writing pathway ... or help you navigate your ongoing social media experience.

My guest post for Mary Geisen's #TellHerStory Link-Up will be up and running next Tuesday.  Truth be told, I'm excited about what I wrote, mostly because I needed to write it for myself.  If you struggle with releasing people, places, and things that are taking up too much real estate in your heart, you might find those 700+ words to be helpful.  I hope you'll join me there.  Mary is a splendid hostess, a truly kind and gracious friend to many.

I've also been doing a second read through of Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis by Patti Callahan, taking notes with an eye toward the four discussions we'll be having right here on Thursdays, beginning February 21st.  To sweeten the pot and celebrate year #13, I'll be featuring a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card.  Every comment you leave on those four posts {limit 2 per post!} will put you in the running for the card {U.S. only}.

All the Book Club details are right here.   Be sure to invite all your friends and fans to join us ... and please do subscribe so you don't miss a single conversation!

And last but not least, one of blogging's greatest joys has been to savor posts like these two that have been published by dear online friends this week.  This kind of heartfelt writing is what doing life in the company of others is all about.

Living With a Heart That's Slowly Breaking - Lois Flowers
'My world hasn’t been shattered by a sudden tragedy, a devastating betrayal or a long trial that finally ended with a crushing loss. But day after day, little by little, a specific section of my heart is slowly breaking ...'

It's Yours Not Mine - Debby Hudson

'I’m not an alcoholic. Not an addict. But I’m drunk on caring for things that are out of my control. I’m enticed by control, my drug of choice. All the things in neat little rows working as they should. Life, as I would have it ...'


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