In Which I Give Myself a Facelift

I'm so excited.  I got all brave and courageous this morning.

First I went to and designed a new header with a photo I took last year while visiting a dear friend's rental cottage overlooking Cape Cod Bay.  She had a gorgeous deck with the most wonderful rocking chairs right on the water.  Breathtaking.

No, I didn't touch up the colors.  Who'd dare to mess with God's incredible paintbox!

Then I took a great big breath and ventured deep into the bowels of Blogger which is not my favorite thing to do since the day I set this blog up ... and in the process almost deleted it and my dear Creekside Ministries website from whence I came.

Talk about anxiety!

With a bit of apprehension I tinkered with the innards here and there, tidied and tweaked and enlarged, switched up the colors, freshened things up a bit.  It was a long overdue project, and I'm just so relieved it's over.

For now.  I'm not 100% on the header's wording.  I'd really love for you to offer some suggestions for that tagline, keeping in mind that I'm not only blogging, but counseling as well.  Get creative with me in the comment section, please?!

Meanwhile, if you didn't get the news about 'The Next Right Thing' Book Club that starts on Sunday, April 28th, please head right here right now.  I don't want you to miss it.  We're going to have a blast!

And we have quite a conversation about our blogging lives going on even as we speak.  Please head over to 3 Realities I Know About My Blog Life For Sure ... No, Make that 4 and scroll down to the comment section to hear some true confessions.

Weekend blessings to you, to yours ~

Speaking of writing, three bloggers I follow wrote this week about their unique and quirky writing joys, those unwieldy file spruce ups, and the long and winding road toward publishing.

Enjoy ...
Amanda Hill

Lois Flowers

Barbara Harper


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