3 Realities About My Blog Life I Know For Sure . . . No, Make That 4

Dear Friends ~

Well, hello again!

With the exception of last week's 'The Next Right Thing * A Sunday Evening Book Club, I've been pretty much MIA.

{And by the way, if you missed your invitation to our upcoming 4 week gathering, click right here.  I'd love for you to be at the party!}

To be honest, I'm not quite sure where I'm going with today's post.

I'm flipping through my journal even as we speak, hoping to find some tidbits that might grab your attention, touch your heart, or give you cause for pause.  In the last month, I've spent hours with my journal {which is 'code' for talking with God}, sorting through my life, my priorities, my stuff.

I'm gaining more appreciation of who I am in this particular season ... but even more importantly, about the wonderful, holy, loveliness of our compassionate all-wise Heavenly Father.

This break from my typical online activity has been a restful yet challenging crossroads experience.  I've spent time noticing what speaks life to me ... and what drains me.  I've been evaluating my blogging life and all that entails.  I'm paying attention to my craving for a morning routine, a rhythm that works for me in this season.  I've been hit with the realization that multi-tasking isn't working for me any more.  Have come to terms with the reality that I need to embrace a few disciplines so I can shed some winter weight.

And have looked beyond myself and become a bit more purposeful in praying for others.


Here's a few snippets of my conversation with the Lord about blogging ...

I love the process of blogging.
I love who I am when I'm writing.  I love discovering the subject matter, finding something of worth to share.  I love the act of writing itself, the massaging, the editing, the choosing of art work.

I feel Your pleasure, God.  Your leading, Your presence.  Always.  I feel purposeful and productive, I feel like what I offer matters, that I matter.  I feel that I am still of use, that my words, Your words that flow through me can make a difference.

I don't like the whole idea of building one's online presence.
I breathe a great sigh of relief in the morning when I realize I don't need to go online.  I can go back to sleep or go downstairs and read. The effort of pulling together a big post seems a bit daunting right about now and I'm giving myself the grace to be in no hurry to return.

The striving, the running from hither to yon is exhausting, sometimes frustrating.  It feeds a compulsiveness in my spirit.  The writer of Ecclesiastes would have something to say about this.  For sure.

It's not my blog. 
You've told me time and again, God ... 'trust Me with this, Linda.  It's My blog, not yours.  You ultimately write for an audience of One.  Let Me handle your traffic.  Let Me get the word out.  Let Me send you the people I want to send your way.  Let Me build your community.  Let Me build you, train you, teach you.  This is all Mine, on loan, to you.'


Sarah Bessey said it so very well.  In her recent newsletter, this favorite self-described writer / recovering know-it-all talked about the call and the joy in using our online influence 'to lift up others, to be generous, to love well ... especially look for ways to elevate and amplify the voices of others.'

I couldn't have said it better or more eloquently.  That's where we'll continue to go around here.

Are you at a blogging / social media crossroads?  Let's talk ...

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