In Which I Share My Family Photo Album

Merry Christmas!

When I pulled together our occasionally annual Christmas letter to family and friends last Saturday, I wrote, 'I'm sharing family pictures on the blog at on Christmas Day, so please stop by at some point and get a glimpse of who we are in this season.'

I was way past trying to design some kind of photo card or figure out how to get a picture from my phone to the letter on my quite outdated laptop.  Yes, I am hugely technologically challenged.

If your eyes glaze over when people whip out their phones and show you 89,000 pics of their family, well, yes, I absolutely understand if you want to move on.

Here's the snapshots of our life in 2019 ... 

a delicious black & white cookie {or 3} 
was the perfect way to celebrate Mom's 89th

the tail end of April is still fairly misty & frigid at the beach ...
Tom, Kristin, Alexa, & Brooke didn't mind at all

Jenn graduated from nursing school at the top of her class ... 
wow, what a celebration!

our annual Father's Day extended family gathering ...
no one gets a hamburger 'til the picture is taken

Brooke {9}   Melanie {11}   Andrew {13}
Kathryn {14}   Alexa {10}   Lydia {16}

Barry  .  Kathryn  .  Melanie  .   Jenn  .  Andrew  .  Lydia

Kathryn is really sleeping

Andrew  .  Brooke  .  Alexa
pretend sleeping, i think

Lydia  .  Kathryn  .  Jenn
definitely faking it

they all found sweatshirts their size & had to try them on ... 
shoppers scattered at the noisy commotion

we miss you little Tyler ...
you're never far from our thoughts, sweet boy

Alexa  .  Brooke  .  Pa
the best pics are when no one cares that Ma's aiming her phone

Jenn  .  Melanie  .  Kristin

Brooke  .  Kristin  .  Alexa
best beach day ever 

um ... well ... what can i say
this is what 64 looks like {sigh}

Lydia does a color-run fundraiser for missions with
her great-uncle who she hadn't seen since she was a baby

Alexa  .  Brooke
i love this sweet, cozy picture

Kathryn flies in for some 1 - 1 time ...
we didn't plan to be twins

happy 65th, Tim ...
you are loved, for sure

no one gets a turkey dinner until we pull together 
this rare pic of my mom with her whole family

when i grow up, i want to be just like my daughters ...
they're absolutely incredible women

i told them to turn around & smile 
& wonder of wonders, they did

Lydia  .  Kathryn
they're beautiful in every way

quietly heading into the new year



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