A Launch-Yourself-Forward Worksheet

We humans keep brainstorming 
options and plans,
but God's purpose prevails.
Proverbs 19:21
{The Message}

We're up and running, ready to roll right into a brand new year.  And when it comes to making grand resolutions, setting big goals, or choosing the perfect One Word, our collective enthusiasm is soaring higher than a kite.

{By the way, click here to find out why One Word doesn't work for me, but loosely held plans usually pan out well.}

Yet, all our good intentions can easily wane and soon get lost in the shuffle of daily schedules and unexpected challenges, our once golden dreams lying in a pile gathering dust in some corner somewhere.

Did we miss the boat on what we thought God wanted?  Did we even consult Him to begin with?  Or did fear of missing out push us into some kind of half-hearted action without our own enthusiastic personal buy-in?

I'm happy to present this little fill-in-the-blank worksheet with 6 prompts to help you clarify your hopes and dreams for 2018:

My resolution / goal / One Word is ...

I'm aiming for this because ...

My biggest challenge in follow-through will be ...

The motivation that will propel me is ...

Here's what I'm putting in place so I'll succeed ...

God is whispering these words to my willing heart ...


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