Friday, October 23, 2015

morning invitations * home-work

here we go!

it's home-work time

roll up your sleeves

and let your own personal workout begin ...

The old song crooned, 'rainy days and Mondays always get me down.'  How do these days impact your activity level?

Feathering your nest.  What would that look like for you?

A stack of chores a mile high, a to-do list that threatens to overwhelm.  What will you do today to begin to navigate these projects?

Are you a bit of a 'pack rat' or are you traveling light?  How's this working for you?

Drawers or closets or piles?  Which present your biggest challenge?

What 3 steps can you take this week to begin to release some of your stuff?

What's the best word to describe your home?

In what unique ways do you serve up grace and love?

What's the biggest challenge in your living situation right now ... and what do you need most from God to shine in the midst of it?


Hospitality or entertaining?  Which word most resonates with you ... and why?

Does the state of your home keep you from feeling comfortable with opening your doors to others?  What could you do about this concern?

Each of us brings our own unique personality and giftedness as we put out the welcome mat.  What makes your welcome especially compelling? 


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    Will ponder your questions, Friend. Some I had immediate answers for--others I will ponder.
    Weekend Blessings, Friend!

    1. GAWK! Only if you want to ponder a bit. Maybe next week?

      Hope you're putting your feet up, friend, and that this weekend's panning out to be one of the best ever!


  2. I'm going to have to take some time to think about these questions this week. I find that having another person living with me right now has thrown off my plans of reorganizing, pitching, giving away and just taking care of the clutter. I also have found that I have been filling my time with stuff and not what is really important. I have a lot of work to do in this area! Thanks for digging in and urging us on to being welcoming in all areas of our lives.

    1. Ain't that the truth, Mary. Having someone living with you for just a bit really can throw everything off, yes?

      So just file this away somewhere safe and enjoy whatever free time is coming to you this weekend. And in a week? 31 Days will be wrapping itself up for yet another year ...