Thursday, October 22, 2015

morning invitations * welcome

Our homes are meant to be welcoming havens,
not secured fortresses.

These scuffed doors are just begging to be opened wide,
not bolted shut.

Those tables are designed be generously shared,
not surfaces to display a lonesome centerpiece.

We were created to do life in the company of others.  There is that deep cry of the heart to live in community, to be fully present to those God brings onto our pathways, to open our doors to fellow sojourners in need of safe harbor.  This simple offering of ourselves, our bread, and a resting place is a most sacred calling.

And the beauty of it all is that there's not one right way to live this out. 

We've each got our own quirky personality, special giftedness, unique life story, and housing situation.  The practical hands-on application of living out this call to hospitality will sparkle and shine with our own individual imprint.

We've been hoodwinked along the way by the glossy magazine spreads and the way-too-perfect Pinterest pins.  We have gullibly bought the lie that our homes must be immaculate and decorated 'just so' before we put the welcome mat out.  But that's simply not biblical.  We are called, dare I say, commanded, to open our hearts to the worn and weary.

1 Peter 4:9 tells us to 'cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay.'  Other translations include the clear warning to do so without grumbling.

And that joy, my friend, is the secret. 

Simply put, God absolutely loves when we grab hold of these cheerful giving opportunities.  The offering of a safe haven to another soul is a gift back to Him, the overflowing of a grateful heart that has experienced grace and blessing.  Even, and especially, when it's been a long week or we don't have much more than a can of soup in the cupboard.  Or when there's dust on every surface and piles are strewn from here to there.

That's when His grace kicks in and His power is displayed.  Because it's all about Him and not about us.

The truth is this ... 

Somebody, somewhere, needs something that only you can offer.

And He, the Multiplier of the most ordinary of loaves and fish, is able to take our feeble offerings and turn them into priceless, life-altering, abundant gifts for a weary heart that needed the listening ear and the prayerful companionship that only you could give.

Because when all is said and done, the roof over our heads and the bread on our tables are not ours.

They're His.


  1. Hey friend, how have you been?
    Being off the internet for a few days now!
    I am glad to join you today for your morning invitations.
    "Joy" a simple but yet very powerful word. Creating a home and making a haven is about the joy we let into our lives. It is contagious, yet peaceful.
    Blessings to you friend

    1. Well, I'm so glad that you're here, Ifeoma! And what could be more welcoming than that contagious, peaceful joy that you're sharing here this morning! It all flows from Jesus, doesn't it ...

      And it must give Him great pleasure to see us sharing that grace with others!

      Thanks for kicking off this conversation, friend. May your weekend be filled with that non-stop joy!


  2. Linda, I absolutely love your heart for writing and sharing this beautiful message. ... "Somebody, somewhere, needs something that only you can offer." <--- Such a powerful truth you've spoken here, Dear One. It has been a blessing to visit with you this morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! GOD bless you, beautiful friend! :-)

    1. I love that God has allowed our paths to cross recently, Tai ... and those red specs are just too cool!

      Heaps of blessings right back to you this weekend, girl!


  3. Yes I agree we should open our homes with geberosity in our hearts. But some people take generosity a biot too far for my liking.

    During the last election a politician knocked on my door and asked me if I believed in free speech. Of course, I said: "yes". He then asked if he could use my telephone to make a call.

    Then there's the neighbour who comes round and asks if he could dip his dry bread in my tasty asparagus soup, or meat gravy, or tomato sauce.

    They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. Personally, I think a friend in need is a pain in the neck working his way down South.

    My Christianity has just been tested.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Victor! I hope you find that the hospitality here is good stuff!


  4. Oh Linda this is so true! In South Africa, most people live behind very high walls (bc of our high crime rate)- isolating themselves from their neighbours. And yes, we must not ignore God's calling...

    1. Jandi ... you bring up an important point, the issues of safety, isolation. A sad but certain cause for pause here in this conversation. Thank you ...

  5. Great post my friend.. my husband and I have always strived to be a welcoming family with an open home. It has been hard with little ones, we haven't been as available to friends in need... but it's a wonderful reminder that what we have, we have to SHARE! -

    1. Interesting perspective, Gingi ... we never were as available as when we DID have those little ones around. Go figure, huh? It was a different time and place ... our community was more active and alive and open back in the day ...

  6. I love community. I cannot get through each week without it. I am not very good at inviting community into my own home. I love how you call us to do that through your words today and through the words of Peter. It is something for me to think about. Praying you have a restful weekend.

    1. While the weekend isn't restful, it sure is fun spending time with our 4 oldest grandkiddos. There are few dull moments, and a good time is being had by all ...



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