Wednesday, October 21, 2015

morning invitations * haven

more than 4 walls & a roof overhead

or a place to hang your hat or put your feet up

more than a shelter from the storm

or 3 square meals a day

this, a haven of safety from life's demands

a retreat, a respite, a refuge

love is found here

the unconditional kind

grace is served in heaping quantities

and forgiveness is asked for and received

& it's not just a private oasis

because it's a sanctuary, not a fortress

& the door is open to other weary travelers

for arms and hearts are open wide in welcome

this, a sacred invitation extended 


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  1. Yes, that is what I want for my home.

  2. Well done - thanks!

  3. I always feel the welcoming warmth of your presence when I visit here. Such a blessing.

    1. You've warmed my heart tonight, Alecia. So very encouraging you are!

  4. I love the juxtoposition of the reds and the yellows--two of my favorite colors :). The words enhance the picture and bring out the warmth even more :).

  5. It looks like a haven. Such serenity and welcome in every color, glimpse through the trees and in your words. Love this!

  6. Hi Linda! I like the idea of sanctuary vs. fortress. I never thought of my house in that way, thank you for a new way of seeing my own sanctuary!
    I'm glad that you're settling in and feeling at home in your new space. I know that God is there, plumping the pillows and nourishing you with His grace.

    1. I love this gift of God being present in our havens, nourishing us with His grace ... what a creative sustainer He is!

      Thanks for being here, Ceil ...