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There's nothing like packing up all your earthly belongings for a great big move to let you know that you've accumulated way too much stuff.

Way  .  too  .  much  .  stuff.

Earlier this year, we quickly lost track of how many bags and boxes of paraphernalia we got rid of in the process of moving.  And since we've arrived in our new home, the same is true all over again.  A quarter of a year later, we've already lost track of how many bags and boxes of miscellaneous gear we're continuing to haul out the door to the local swap shop.  Resale store.  And the dump.

I wouldn't wish this kind of overwhelming / irritating / frustrating experience on my worst enemy ... if I had one!  Enough already.

I just finished soaking in the simply brilliant common sense tactics of Marie Kondo's huge best seller, the life-changing magic of tidying up ... especially when it comes to sorting through clothes, books, and personal momentos.  I do recommend it highly {minus a few oddities like talking to our pocketbooks and setting up a shrine on a shelf}.  But til you can grab hold of her book, how 'bout simply TAKING 15?

This is an easy-peasy morning invitation, a little can-do routine for any time of day, really.

1 room.  3 bags.  15 minutes.

>  Grab 3 bags - 1 for trash, 1 for donations, 1 for stuff to sell.

>  Set the timer for 15 minutes.

>  Move clockwise around one room, focusing on one drawer / closet / pile at a time.  Completely empty the drawer or closet, putting like items with like.


notice if it makes you smile ... or if you say ugh  

discern if there's joy ... or frustration  

ask yourself this huge question ... can I live without this?

>  Your goal?  Toss 15 items into the TRASH bag.  Release 15 items into the GIVE bag.  Place 15 items into the SELL bag.

>  Refill the drawer or closet only with items you love or use.  Period.

>  Store the bags-to-go in an out of the way place til tomorrow when you repeat the 15-15-15.  When filled, act on your decision.  Dispose.  Donate.  Sell.

Chances are you'll be so pumped while doing this that you won't even notice when the timer rings!  And just think ... if you did this each day, at the end of the month:

You'd throw out 450 pieces of junk.

You'd give 450 decent, usable items to someone who could make good use out of them.

You'd sell 450 items on ebayCraigs List, at a garage sale ... or simply choose to donate instead.

Yes, we CAN have space and time and energy and freedom to spare!  We don't need to spend our lives overwhelmed by arranging / sorting / moving / dusting / cleaning / organizing / shifting our accumulations from one overcrowded space to the other.

White space would become our new best friend.

And we'd be free to love and serve and minister and say 'oh yes!' to the invitations God extends our way.

If only we'd be willing to release all we grip so tightly in our grasping hands ...


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