morning invitations * screen-work


here's our final worksheet!

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let's pull out the stops, evaluate where we are,
 & figure out our next steps.

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On a scale of 1 {lousy} - 10 {magnificent!} how would you rate your contentment with your online life balance?

Which social media venue is your absolute sweet spot?

Which social media venue frustrates /drains you?

Your smart phone.  Great big blessing or demanding burden?

What changes could you make so that it would become a more effective tool?

How can you and your loved ones navigate the challenge of screens together?

What's the most natural way for you to encourage someone online?

Do you find yourself looking to social media to build your self-worth?

We all need to be affirmed, appreciated, validated.  What's the healthiest way for you to get those needs met away from your screens?

Have you ever taken a sabbatical from online activities?  How did that work for you?

If you plan to take a break, what would be your goal in doing so?

A day, a weekend, a month?  From what?  Design your unplugging experience here!

come back tomorrow morning to cheer
 for the 4 coaching giveaway winners!