morning invitations * gratitude . . . & the giveaways !!

Whew!  What a ride this 31 day excursion has turned out to be!

I'm just plain grateful for every single moment of this series ... especially for the dialogue with you after each post.  For us bloggers, that's always the whipped cream and the cherry on top of whatever we're serving up.

You guys have brought so much to the table as we've wrestled with what our mornings could look like!  The daily conversations have been so inspiring, haven't they?  I've come away having learned so much from your stories, your brainstorms, your life lessons.

A special thanks to Emily Freeman for her encouraging shout-out at the beginning of the month ... she took my breath away, pure and simple ... and I loved welcoming you, her readers, as you've gathered with this little community here!

The hands down favorite post, based on hits and the conversation that followed?  It was this one!

And don't leave til you check out Victor's just-too-funny responses to this week's worksheet!


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Good Morning! Hope you find lots of reasons to dance today!

Loved the excerpt from your journal. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your conversation with the love of your life.
Blessings, Sweet Friend!

Hi Linda, it is lovely soul searching list. A lot of work for me on keeping Bible reading plans.
Thank you for today's reflection.
God bless

Good to find this today. I wrote about aging today too as we celebrate our 38th anniversary today. I especially appreciate your reminders of the care of our physical selves being part of the whole and not to be neglected. Thank you, Linda.


Looking forward to continuing to do community with you ~