morning invitations * body-work

here's this week's care-of-your-body worksheet

let's chomp   *   let's move   *   let's splash

and enjoy figuring out how to best honor our bodies

What are those mirror gazing moments like for you?

How is your current health impacting your spiritual life?

Christ honoring.  Grace filled.  No regrets.  Proactive.  Which of these 4 best describes the biggest challenge in tending to your body's wellbeing?

Coffee.  Take it or leave it?  Why?

What about the day's first meal brings a smile?

What's one change you could make to make breakfast healthier?

On a scale of 1 {lousy!} - 10 {magnificent!} how would you rate your activity level?

How do you feel about where you stand in that rating?

What's one subtle change you could put into action to ratchet up the number just a bit?

What is it about water that draws you to its warmth?

The thought of a spa-type bath ... delectable or ho-hum?

What can you change up to make your bathroom more inviting?


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