morning invitations * chomp

You might recall that your grandma always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  

Of course, she was up at o'dark thirty every morning whipping up a hearty calorie laden spread that any ol' country boy would love, something akin to today's modern Sunday brunch buffet.  But fast forward to 2015 and I'll take a wild guess that compared to our other two daily dining experiences, this is the meal where our least amount of energy and creativity is invested.

So while I was leafing through a magazine one afternoon and saw the beautiful, healthy fruits and grains, nuts and yogurt layered in Grandma's old mason jars, I got all excited about the potential of this 30-Second Breakfast.

I do love me some Greek yogurt with blueberries or homemade jam and some slivered almonds swirled in.  So this recipe is definitely on my to-try list ... especially because you can make a bunch of them ahead of time and get your family set for the grab-and-go routine on those busy mornings.

Head right on over here to get the recipes for these mason jar yummies
 {and catch the how-to video if it didn't show up above} 

pomegranate & blueberry  

peanut butter, banana & strawberry

spiced apple & walnut

jam & apricot

mango & apricot jam

What delicacies grace your breakfast table?