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here's this week's care-of-your-soul worksheet 

print it out, mark it up, make it your own, have a ball

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Spiritual renovation and restoration require continual choices that require us to say 'no' to less urgent invitations.  Is saying 'no, thanks' a challenge for you?

What specific inward renovation is begging for your attention?

What do you need to decline so you can tend to this need?

Communication.  Communion.  Adventure.  Quest.  Journey.  Which of these 5 words best describes the invitation to spiritual transformation for you?

How does this word impact your desire to go deeper in your relationship with Christ?

What would be different about your daily living if that sacred relationship grew stronger?

What's your track record with daily Bible reading plans?

Does the idea of savoring God's Word seem foreign or familiar?

What steps can you embrace that would cultivate a more substantial daily sacred get-together with Him?

When, where, and how do you find yourself praying these days?

Does the idea of writing your conversations with God appeal to you?

Take this opportunity to write a prayer to Him about whatever is weighing most on your heart.

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