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'The invitation to solitude and silence ... is an invitation to enter more deeply into the intimacy of relationship with the One who waits just outside the noise and busyness of our lives.  It is an invitation to communication and communion with the One who is always present even when our awareness has been dulled by distraction.  It is an invitation to the adventure of spiritual transformation in the deepest places of our being, an adventure that will result in greater freedom and authenticity and surrender to God than we have yet experienced.

God's invitation is a winsome one, but it is not casual; it is an invitation from His very heart to the depths of our being.  It warrants serious consideration because it is an invitation to a journey, a quest, really, for something we have been longing for all our lives ... this journey requires a willingness to say goodbye to life as we know it because our heart is longing for something more.

When we embark on such a journey, we understand there will be challenges along the way, unexpected encounters that stretch us to our limits and change the shape of who we are.  We know we will emerge changed, bearing the marks of the journey on our soul ...'
- Ruth Haley Barton, Invitation to Solitude and Silence


Ruth Haley Barton is one of my all-time favorite mentoring authors ... her writings on women in ministry, solitude and silence, and leadership discernment have impacted me big time.  Each of her soul-deep books grace my shelves and her insightful words have offered hope, conviction, and direction along the way.

If you read one book this month ... or the rest of this year, Invitation to Solitude & Silence would be it.  It's that life-changing.

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