morning invitations * soul

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside quiet waters.

He restores my soul.

Yes, He does.  This love driven spiritual rejuvenation, this soul deep restoration is nothing we can drum up on our own.  But it does require a continual choice to say 'no' to less urgent invitations so that we can say 'yes' to precious quiet time with the One who redeems, restores, renews.

We devote ourselves to these unhurried sacred moments because we're in love with our Savior and our desire is to nurture that love.  For a quiet time is all about going deeper into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the invitations that solitude, Bible reading, and prayer offer.  

And perhaps reaching a bit out of our well-worn comfort zones by exploring the impact of journaling, song, art, or dance on that soul connection to the Holy One who created the very creative essence of who we are.

Let's cast aside those worn and weary devotional times that are legalistically mandated, those guilt driven disciplines that do nothing but bore or frustrate us and bring no pleasure to Him.  

Let's say a farewell to any kind of reading check-lists or marathons that leave us feeling less than, resentful, or empty.

Let's get creative about rekindling this sacred love relationship with a renewed passion.  For He is worthy of our adoration.

And if other things have crept in to our morning hours and have stolen prime time from our one True Love, let's get serious about giving those things a hard look.  Especially anything associated with technology, screens, and online activity.

For He is so very worthy of our absolute best.

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