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There's a million and one Bible reading plans out there.

Yet along the way, if you're like me, we've found guides with actual dates on it, like January 1, 2, 3 to be more than a little daunting ... and impossible to keep up with.  We tend to charge through our reading just to check off the little box on the side.  And woe to us if we miss a few days and try to play catch up.

If we somehow get to the end of February, it's some kind of miracle because all that ends up happening is that we throw our hands up and stop reading God's love letter to us ... yet once again.  Sad, isn't it.  But true.

This all-or-nothing-at-all mindset breeds a growing frustration and discouragement.  When it comes to nurturing our soul or growing a relationship with Christ, these carved-in-stone deals usually just don't cut it.  

I like reading guides that are open-ended, that give direction but do it with grace.  So if you miss a day you don't have to get crazed.  You can simply pick up where you left off.  You take the pressure off yourself to perform and the emphasis slowly but surely shifts to a growing love relationship with the author of the Sacred Love Letter.

And that's what Bible reading is all about.

Like any intimate relationship, over time there emerges a delightful ease, a peaceful comfort, an enduring solace when you are together.

Right now I'm loving a little 61 Day Bible reading plan that chronologically highlights the major players and events of His Word.  More mornings than not, the steady, undemanding rhythm of this overview finds me curled up in bed,  peacefully cradling my well-worn Bible, lined journal, colored gel pen, and a cup of very hot decaf tea.

And because I'm in no big rush, I'm taking longer than the suggested 61 days.  Some scheduled readings are stretching out to two or maybe even three days because I just want to sit and consider what God is speaking to me.  And that's OK!

The key is savoring His Love Letter to us, not charging through it just to check off a little square box on a sheet of tri-fold paper.  It's inviting the Lover of our souls to interact with us as we make our way through each line, each paragraph.  And opening ourselves to respond in ways that grow our faith even as we wrestle with the doubts or questions that arise.

If you're finding ongoing Bible reading to be a challenge or have been looking for a fresh perspective, maybe you'd like to join me on my 61+ day journey, this gracious overview of His Word. 

God is alive and well, living and vibrant.  He is always inviting our spirits to something deeper and more significant.  His Word takes us there ...

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