Saturday, October 10, 2015

morning invitations * awake


Oh God
in those pockets of our souls
 that have gone dead and dormant
do a resurrection work

where our ears have closed tight
open them wide

where our hearts have hardened
soften them
 making them pliable with surrender

where we've closed ourselves to your Holy Word
breathe renewed conviction and hope

wake us up, shake us up, shape us up

for Jesus' sake



  1. Oh, Linda,
    Saying "Amen" and praying with you...for some reason the phrase "Pockets" of our souls stirs me...maybe because I need to empty some pockets and let God fill them with His tender love and mercy...Thankful for you...praying God continues to sustain and grace you and your family ...((hugs))

    1. May your prayer for extra helpings of love and mercy be answered in ways that fill you with delight, friend ...

      And that you're praying for my family fills me with deepest gratitude.


  2. I like the last lines very much. Wake us up, shake us up....

    1. Yeah, there's usually some hidden area that needs His tender touch ...

  3. Nice song, but this morning is a nadir - already awake and shaken by a living nightmare, trying to fight the strength to fight on. It ain't easy.

    1. In your fearful despair, friend, may you find refuge in His constant presence. Praying for you right at this very moment.

      May you hear Him whispering peace to your troubled mind and heart ...

  4. Chris Tomlin-anointed by God and given a great measure of talent which he uses for The Kingdom!
    Sabbath Blessings, Friend!

  5. Listening to Chris Tomlin right now and letting God breathe on better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks, Linda.

    1. I had Pandora set on Instrumental Praise this morning. Boy, did it soothe my soul, reassure me of His love, ready me for worship.

      Music does that, doesn't it ...

  6. Beautiful music to worship to! Thank you for ending my Sunday evening with music, praise and worship. Blessings on the new week!

    1. You made me think how calming it would be to end every day with praise music ... instead of TV or being online ...

      You're brilliant, girl!


  7. Lord Wake Me, Shake me and Shape me in Jesus Name.
    God Bless my dear friend. Praying that Lord encourages you through your series. By this week you are half way through. Keep up the good work.

  8. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the Chris Tomlin song. Wow! I'd never heard it before and I just loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    {via email}


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