In Which I Don't Have a One Word

As we've been busy pinning up our crisp new wall calendars and filling our uncreased datebooks with those all important birthdays and appointments, many bloggers have been sharing their plans and dreams for the new year.  I've eagerly been savoring your posts and have been inspired, intrigued, and occasionally fascinated by your carefully selected One Word, your resolutions and goals, all that God's calling you to do, to be, to accomplish in these 365 days ahead.


But no, I don't have a One Word this year.  No resolutions to speak of.  And no great big goals ready to roll.


I've done the One Word thing in the past ... more than once.   Reveal showed itself in 2013 and the year of beautiful emerged in 2014.  And, sad to say, within weeks these brief bright sparks ended up being a quick flash in the pan and I completely forgot about the whole idea.

The UNword worked better ... 2014's whiny stayed with me for more months than I'd like to count.  Wonder why?

The bottom line is that unlike many of my writing friends' inspirational journeys, One Word never worked for me because it was simply a fun concept that made for some good blog posts that quickly morphed into dust in the wind.

I wasn't serious, I wasn't focused.  Those chosen words were not borne in my heart by true desire.

True desire at the soul level is the only motivation that causes our grand plans to soar.  By God's grace.


I might not be heading into 2016 with a Word in hand, but here's what's on the forefront right about now ...

1.  It's time to work on our new house.
We moved into our new home last summer and have done very little to make this place our own.  Right now, my husband and I are looking at the necessary non-negotiables to make this house into a true home.  And we're also throwing around a few bigger dreams to see if our heads are in the clouds or if they could actually come to pass.

Built in 1989, this place is due for an overhaul.  My husband is a handyman extraordinaire and I'm the dreamer in sore need of some big jolts of creativity as I pin captivating rooms and beautiful inspirations on my private Pinterest board.  I'd like to think of us as a wanna-be Chip & Joanna.


But before the fun stuff begins, I've got to finish unpacking and sorting, tossing and organizing what's left of our stuff.  We've invested in two sets of VERY heavy duty shelves that now reside in the corner of our newly painted basement.  Each unit holds up to 3600 pounds.  A bit of an overkill?  Probably, but it won't be long 'til all the piles disappear and clearly labeled Rubbermaid totes and cardboard boxes save the day.


And looking ahead, I'm trying not to be overwhelmed with the zillion mind-numbing paint color options out there.  This shade whispers that it just might be the ticket to freshening up our living space and give us a clean palette to work with.  That it's the big color of the year is assuring me that it'll do the trick.

Again, hopefully.

2.  I'm headed off to a Women's Bible Study this week ... for the 1st time in a few dozen years.  
Yep, that's right.  Working, going back to school, and being deeply invested in ministry have occupied my days for many years.  Don't get me wrong, I've loved it.  But now I'm grateful for this lovely invitation that's been extended my way.  

After designing and leading countless groups for ministry leaders, clients, couples battling life-threatening illness, single parents, and counselors, it'll be a whole new experience to simply be a person for a change.

3.  I want to be available to my family.
For years, I lived by my red leather planner.  Many days were scheduled literally right down to the minute and my calendar was usually jam-packed with appointments, activities, and meetings.  My schedule is quite free in this season.  And I'm truly glad to be much more available to my family in whatever ways that may look like. 

4.  I don't have a clear future ministry vision. 
Friends, it's just not happening yet.  I'm not getting any bolts from the blue on what God has for me next with counseling and coaching.  And I'm ok with that.  I've learned the hard way not to run ahead of His leading.  I'm enjoying the conversations that I continue to have with a few current clients and have released it all into His hands.  

When He's ready to open the next door, I'll be there.  'Til then, I'm good with writing here in this space.  Continuing to try to transition well and do the work of grieving that emerges at the oddest times.  Gently leaning into each day without any kind of crazed rush and bustle.  Breathing deep.  And being content to explore that pathway of discernment that leads straight to His wise and merciful heart.


Got a One Word, some goals, some resolutions?  Inspire us, please!


Launching into 2016 with