On the Porch * Father's Day Edition

Hey Friends ~

I have a rare quiet hour in the midst of our family celebration and am experiencing the urge to pop by real quick to share a few Father's Day musings that might resonate with you somehow.

Your father may still be very much alive and well ... or his life on this earth has come to a close, either recently or in years past.

This most certainly is a holiday laden with mixed emotions.  Maybe this weekend re-ignites struggle or pain, loss or regret, anger or just plain sadness.

Or perhaps joy, gratitude, and gentle memories flood your soul.

Or a bit of both ends of the spectrum?

Wherever you find yourself, I hope there'll be some carefully chosen words here that will speak deeply into that tender fatherspace tucked somewhere in your precious heart.

In Praise of the Good Good Father

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Sending a Letter on Wings to My Dad

Sharing Chocolate Ice Cream with Daddy

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'Love is patient, love is kind ...'

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