4 Somethings * Early Summertime Gathering

Well hello again, my summertime friends!

Here we go with our monthly round-up, wrap-up, tying-up-loose-ends gathering.  Thanks to all of you who've taken the time in recent weeks to subscribe / resubscribe.  {If you were a subscriber before this month, you'll need to subscribe again.  Sorry.  Here's why.}

A special welcome to those I haven't yet officially met either in person or online!

As I run down the list of subscribers, I'm guessing about 1/3 of you are new to me and I'm so excited that you've chosen to make visits to this little community a part of your online routine.  Life is busy and our inboxes are always too full, so please know that I consider your companionship an honor and will endeavor to make your presence around this virtual table worth your time.

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Right up top, I'm going to remind you that this is not one of those cool homekeeping blogs.  But every once in a while we go there.  Like today, when I'm sharing my new favorite dish.  It's been my go-to crowd pleaser this month and the best part is that it only has three basic ingredients - 

1.  Pasta

2.  Lemons

3.  Butter

That's my kind of recipe!  I've used four different kinds of pasta, whatever's been on the shelf.  It makes a huge bowl and I've had it hot and cold, plain or with shrimp or chicken, blueberries or dried cranberries, parmesan cheese, and fresh snipped parsley or oregano from my little kitchen garden.

Ina Garten's Lemon Capellini?  Simple outstanding.

Hint - use about half the butter ... or maybe just a bit more.


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Um ... well ... I've got very little planned.  After a whirlwind month, a July with a whole lot of empty boxes on the calendar sounds sublime.  I'm ok with a little bit of space, a stack of books, some quiet, and an extra nap or two.

All is well and there are some golden memories to savor and friends to re-connect with.  God is good and I am beyond grateful for a summertime with far fewer restrictions than a year ago.

And thanks, Melanie, for the beautiful shell picture you took!


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