Yep . . . I Lost All My Subscribers

Well hello again, dear friends!  We've quietly slipped into the crazy busy, wonderful, celebratory month of June. I'm hanging on to my hat as the days unfold.

You, too?

Last time we talked in If This Blog Disappears, I shared my somewhat concerning subscriber dilemma and you quickly gathered 'round with all kinds of empathy and stories, information and referrals. 

Michele Morin said it best - 'Felt my stomach clench as I read.  We definitely are singing out of the same hymnal on this, and the only way I can keep blogging and not blow something up is to keep hands off the guts.'

Within a few hours, Pam Richardson highly recommended an affordable designer who specialized in working with Blogger.  And My Fairy Blogmother {really!} responded to my SOS so quickly that it made my head spin.  We rolled up our sleeves and began.

My first job was to head over to Feedburner where my sacred list of subscribers was stored, pull up the information, and send it her way.

Easy, right?

Not for me.

I had never ventured into the innards of Feedburner before ... and you guessed it, in the process of gingerly attempting what should have been simple, my nightmare came true.

I  .  LOST  .  ALL  .  MY  .  SUBSCRIBERS.

Every single one.  And we soon realized that there was no going back.

But the most beautiful thing happened and I kid you not.  After a few numbing minutes as I realized what I had done and all that I had lost, there was no panic, no crazymaking wringing of hands.  

The Lord surrounded me with an amazing, all encompassing blanket of sweet peace.  Once again I released all my valued, precious subscribers up to Him and in return He smiled, gave me an extra hug, and whispered, 'all will be well.'

And it is.

But I want you back, friends.  Right now I have 5 subscribers.  Come back to me please! 

1.  Hit subscribe right here.  

2.  Click on the blue rectangular button.

3.  Give me your email and first name.

4.  Hit subscribe.  That's it.  


My Fairy Blogmother has crafted this way too easy sign-up process so beautifully.  Linda was patient with me even as she kept the process moving forward, and while she expertly tinkered with the innards, I hunted up my favorite photo and created a very simple design on the fly.

Check out the cool Post Index she put up ... you can easily access every title or topic since 2015.  I've never seen this feature before and I love it!  And I finally have decent share buttons that you can actually see.  Amen.

I'm so grateful at the way the Lord orchestrated all the moving parts together again.  I still have some tweaking to go, colors and fonts and stuff, but I'm up and running.

Did I say I want you back?

Please don't miss a single post.  Go here right now whether you're a long time reader or a brand new friend.  Please spread the word.

And thank you for grace.


'Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled
and do not be afraid.'
John 14:27


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