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day 4

I love all things lush and green, but the sandy soil in this neck of the woods is not favorable to abundant, healthy growth.  So this year, I grabbed four cedar planters at my favorite discount store as homes for my all-time favorite summer plant, beautiful red geraniums.  You'll find one residing on the step at the front door, one outside the kitchen door, one on the corner of the porch steps, and one at the entrance to the garage / upstairs Nest where my counseling clients and I sit together each week.

Here's a bit more about the doors ... and my brilliant, no-brainer method to choosing your most perfect, welcoming paint shade.  You'll be so surprised you won't believe it!

These gorgeous summertime flowers are thriving in decent potting soil despite pelting rain and desert-like temperatures.  Their vibrant frilly petals make those Caribbean Blue Water entryways sing right out loud.  I often smile when I glimpse the flowers-and-door duo looking all strong and welcoming as I pass their way.

How does your garden grow?


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