#MyCozySummerHome * collection

day 6


It's what I've passionately collected for decades.  

You'll find it all around our home, bits and pieces of discarded glass rolled and tossed by the churning sea.  Filling the bases of lamps in porch and guest bedroom.  Corralled in glass jars on kitchen window sill and mantel.  And jam packed together in this great big 12" bottle currently perched on my dresser.

These elusive frosted blue, green, purple, pink, brown, and clear gems are getting harder and harder to find as plastic has taken preeminence.  Much of the glass tumbled by sand and sea has, most likely, been claimed ... or lost forever.  But I know, for sure, that there's still some beauties lurking out there, possibly ready to show themselves after the next storm has churned the deep waters with a vengeance.  

One of my favorite pastimes is walking the ocean's edge looking for the next gem.  It never fails to give me a bit of a thrill when I spot a piece just begging to be taken home, admired, treasured.  It's a bit of therapy, I guess.

Let's talk about your favorite collectible ...


It's been fun to pull this little series together to share with you.  Keep cool and I'll see you again soon ...