Thursday, July 5, 2018

#MyCozySummerHome * coffee table

day 5
coffee table

I spotted this wonderful primitive table years ago at a very fun flea market back in New York.  Looking back, I hope I didn't plow over too many people after she caught my eye and I zipped over to scoop her up.  Literally.

Fortunately, she's not heavy because I hauled that baby all over the place until I had browsed to my heart's content.  I feared putting her down for even a second because I knew that someone would grab this fabulous find for themselves.

No need to worry about coffee rings, spills, or dings with this beauty.  She's seen her day and it shows.  She's the perfect height for weary feet and big enough to hold all kinds of lounging necessities.

Along the way, she's found a place of honor in our New York family room and The Nest over the garage where my counseling office is located.  I'm pleased to say that she's now made her way onto the porch.  You can see her fine legs in this snapshot.

Welcome home, little table.  Your flaws and scars make you precious.

Let's talk coffee tables ... 



  1. Linda, I LOVE this post and your wonderful coffee table! From the photo taken on your beautiful porch, her legs look like she was hand-made... kinda makes you wonder who made her, surely with lots of love. I also love the name of your counseling office, The Nest. Sound like a very warm and inviting place to share your heart. Thanks, again, for stopping by my post at Holley's place yesterday. It has been a little while since I've posted, but it was sweet to have you comment that you remembered me! You're a wonderful encourager to me and so many others. Many blessings to you!

    1. It's so good to see you out and about again, Beth. I just love it when bloggers return home again. It makes me smile to realize that our craft still woos us even when we retreat for a bit ...

      Bless you!

  2. I love flea markets! Love em! She's a beaut.

    1. Koki, you never know what you're going to find, ya' know?

      So much fun ... even if you don't buy one single thing!

      Glad you're here ...

  3. What a deal that was, Linda! Currently, we don't have a coffee table, but are ruminating over changing up our living room in a big way. Don't know that it will happen any time soon, but it's great to dream about.

    1. Have fun dreaming, Martha. Even little dreams are fun ... and often possible.