Tuesday, July 3, 2018

#MyCozySummerHome * mantel

day 3

What can I say except the mantel is one of the highlights of our smallish living room, along with the high ceiling and its beams.  That's Grandma's old dining room sideboard mirror holding court, overseeing our household's comings and goings.  I'm not sure how she'd feel if she got a glimpse of how I painted the old mahogany several layers of my favorite colors and then sanded it to death.

Click here for a great close-up shot of that mirror along with my version of a simplified mantle ... and a bunch of game-changing redo lessons I've learned along the way.

Anyway ... you'll always find prized blue green seaglass perched front and center.  A few old canning jars are filled with the rare glass that I've foraged from the shoreline over decades.  And then there's those three glass fishing floats I scooped up at Pier 1 last year, on sale of course.  I was looking to bring the bold color of our newly painted front door into the room and these babies did the trick.  

And the tall frosted vase from Marshalls.  Yes, on sale, too! 

Sooner or later all kinds of vintage books, collected shells, and bits and pieces of life find their way to the mantel's welcoming surface.  Come back in a few weeks and odds and ends just might be shifted, added, subtracted.  

Puttering is my therapy, ya' know?

What's holding court on your mantel, piano top, or table?



  1. Hi, Linda!

    Just wanted to let you know that the comment section on your latest seems to have disappeared. Did love your mantel decorations!



    1. Thanks for sending the email, Martha. As you can see, I've posted it ... I so APPRECIATE you letting me know!

      Looks like things are up and running on this end.


      You're a sweetie to hang in there with me!


  2. I have been following along with your cozy home posts. I love this peek into your home. I also love the blue sea glass on your mantle. You would love my mantle. I have a painting with the word "enough". It is a way for me to see the truth as God sees me. When I forget, I just need to look up at the painting. Thanks for sharing these favorites.

    1. ENOUGH.

      Sometimes one word is profound, life-altering.

      That'd be it.

      I'd love to see your mantle, Mary ...