#MyCozySummerHome * porch


I've always yearned for a porch.

For years I dreamed of a little nook, a quiet, cozy place to enjoy breezes and nature's sights and sounds without finding myself sun-bathed or insect-infested.

A haven of sorts.  

A shielded room to enjoy simple meals.  Comfy furniture in which one could curl up mid-afternoon, eyes closed or with a good book in hand.

This was the year my dream came true.  One board, one screened window at a time.  With a little help from his friends who had all kinds of creative ideas which morphed the space overlooking the woods into something I hadn't even imagined.

When dreamers and builders put their heads together and throw all kinds of unexpected options on the table ... well, that's when imaginations are sparked and plans sketched on paper take wing.


It's been said that 'if you build it, they will come.'

Family and friends are in and out for hot dog roasts.  A taco bar lunch.  Meatballs that simmered all day in the crockpot.  A buffet of very random leftovers culled from the fridge.  Strawberry shortcakes with biscuits straight from the oven, adorned with whipped cream and candles.  Mugs of steaming coffee or hot chocolate sloshing over the brim.  Gooey s'mores offered by sticky little hands.

Or simply tall glasses jammed with ice, water, and lemon wedges.

But most days it's very very still.  We linger over simple meals while soaking in the breezes, the solitude, the peace.  We shoo persistent squirrels away from the feeders while grateful birds swoop from tree to feeder and back again.  We putter or nap.  I read, feet tucked under the quilt.  We sort through issues monumental and not-so-much. We dream of big things to come for those we love.

And often give thanks for unexpected blessings right out loud where they belong.

Knowing that soon it'll be time to fling open the doors again.  Welcome those who have come.  Put our feet up and eat.  Laugh.  Play.  Catch-up on life's escapades.  Head outside to the rusty fire pit and watch the breezes whip the flames into a frenzy.

And cobble together new memories.


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