September ~ Blogging * Paintbrush * Giveaways * Podcasts * Resources

I hear bloggers aren't doing their thing like they used to.  That email newsletters, Instagram feeds, and private Facebook chat rooms are replacing old fashioned published posts.

That might be true ... or not.

After a decade of blogging, I see my online home as a combo newsletter / Instagram / chat room.  I'm crazy about being writer-at-large, executive photographer, creative director, and publisher.  Deciding what to write and when to write ... or not?  Works for me like a hand in a glove.

Bottom line?  I love serving THE Editor-in-Chief this way.   

I've been delighted {and occasionally surprised!} at those who've casually mentioned that they often come by to visit.  And even though you might never breathe a word after dropping in, it's kind of comforting to know that you're silently present.

And it's no secret that I'm especially grateful for those who jump into the ongoing dialogues on a regular basis, complete with gusto, wisdom, and a hefty sense of humor.

'Cause that's what blogging's all about.  Kindred spirits.  Building a community of encouragement, back and forth, one conversation at a time.  

At your place ... and mine.

* * *  During the May 2016 Creating a Haven Series, I talked about the need to update the paint on our outside doors.  That, my friends, was 16 long months ago.  I'm here to tell you I finally got around to choosing a color.

The moral of the story is this:  If you can't decide what shade to paint the entrance ways to your home, look no further than your go-to pedicure polish. For it's there that you'll spy your favorite color.  And it'll make you smile every time you look at it.

FYI - it wasn't until after my husband began wielding the paintbrush that this profound reality dawned on me.  Go figure.

Doorways - Benjamin Moore Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30
Toes - Essie Naughty Nautical

* * * Ever behind the times, I've only recently started listening to podcasts.  My favorite time and place to do so?  During a brisk early morning walk ... or while {ugh} cleaning the bathrooms or tidying the bedrooms.  It makes these tasks go by in a flash and there's usually time when the podcast is over to quietly reflect on what I've learned even as I'm hitting the home stretch.

My favorites?  Emily Freeman {The Next Right Thing}, Anne Bogel {What Should I Read Next?}, and Ruth Haley Barton {Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership}.

* * *  Speaking of growth opportunities, one of Christian counseling's preeminent leaders has kicked off a website specifically for counselors, pastors, church leaders, and people helpers who work with victims of abuse.  When it comes to biblically based straight talk on tough issues, I highly recommend Leslie Vernick.

Visit Leslie's new site here and be sure to sign up for her free newsletter.  This is a resource you can't pass up.  And her blog's a must read for anyone who's struggling in an emotionally destructive marriage.

* * *  Christmas is less than three {gasp} months away and I'm all about helping you stuff those awaiting stockings!  The winner of this week's giveaway of the Matt Redman CD, Glory Song, is Lulu James, fearless adventurer and avid blogger.

Coming soon - A giveaway of Jeremy Camp's new CD, The Answer.  Preview it here ... and be sure to subscribe there so you won't miss out.

* * *