A Bouquet for an Early Autumn Weekend

This week has found midnight winds roaring loud enough to wake the dead.  Skies are perpetually gray, waves crash high and mighty, the rain descends randomly, in sheer torrents or as an oddly teaming mist.  We prepare for the worst, but by some grace we have been spared the tragic catastrophes others are enduring.

Summer exits with a most unsettling violent flourish during these, her final days.

Today launches us straight into the next season, so says the square on the calendar.  I can't think of a better way of marking this autumn's kickoff than sharing some quite provocative reads with you.

And one link thrown in just for beauty's sake.  

Whether you're sporting a sweatshirt and jeans or still hanging on to your tee-shirts and shorts, I hope this weekend brings you an opportunity to catch your breath ... and receive a strong much-needed sense of the heart-warming presence of God in your life.

No matter what the weather.

Tish Harrison Warren

J.R. Briggs

Megan @ Farmhouse 5540

Maggie Fox

Winn Collier

Tanya Marlow @ The Mudroom

Brenda Bradford Ottinger

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