Your Spring Book Club is Here!

Welcome back, all you enthusiastic, insightful, knowledgeable readers!  Please consider this your personal invitation to be a part of our 8th Online Book Club.

Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World is our first Book Club selection for 2022!  And when I say our, I mean if you're reading this, then you're a part of the Book Club.  That's it!

If you've ever found your people, you know it.  You get each other.  You share the same values, passions, and purposes.  You don't have to explain yourself every other minute.  You can be who you truly are, no fake-happy masks needed.

We were created to do life together in the company of others.  


Beginning on Monday, April 25th, for 3 consecutive weeks, I'll swing the door wide open for you to come on in and make yourself at home.  Bring your coffee, book, laptop ... and your thoughts and questions, stories and insights.  Trust me, this is a safe online place to gather and the people who tend to hang around here are the real deal.  

*  Grab your Kindle or Hardcover or from your hometown library.  You don't have to read the book to participate, but if you can, I think you'll find it worth your time.

Subscribe here so you don't miss a session.  You can easily unsubscribe when Book Club is done if you'd like!

*  Invite all your in-person and virtual book-loving friends ... especially the ones who're lonely or feel like they don't quite fit in anywhere.

*  No sign-up, just show up any time that week!

*  In each session, I'll simply share a few of my favorite quotes and then we'll chat back and forth in the comment section..

3 Sessions
Monday, April 25th 
Part 1: We Need Each Other
(chapters 1 - 4)

Monday, May 2nd
Part 2: The Path to Connection
(chapters 5 - 9)

Monday, May 9th
Part 3: Fighting for Your Village
(chapter 10 - 12)


Dane Ortlund

Anne Bogel

Anne Bogel

Emily Freeman

Patti Callahan

Adam McHugh

Ruth Haley Barton




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If you've been a part of one of our Book Clubs, do tell!  We've got lots of new readers these days and your welcoming words would be a lovely way to say hello ...
Linda 💙


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