I'd Rather Be Reading * Session #1

Welcome to Session #1 of our 5 Week Online Fall Book Club!  Together we're beginning our journey through Anne Bogel's serendipitous little volume, I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life.  

For 5 consecutive Fridays, I'll swing the door open wide for you to come right on in, make yourself at home with your coffee, your book, your laptop, and your highlighter.  Trust me, there's a comfy seat with your name on it and lovely bookish kindred spirits to meet and greet.  And based on our past Book Club conversations, I can't wait to chat back and forth with you as you put your wise and humorous insights, viewpoints, and anecdotes on the table.

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'As a devoted reader, I lovingly give countless hours to finding the right books for me.  I don't think those hours are wasted; part of the fun of reading is planning the reading. but I've learned that sometimes, despite my best efforts, a book unexpectedly finds me and not the other way around.  And when it does, it's okay to reshuffle my To Be Read list and go with it.'
- Chapter 2, page 31


'Sometimes a book prods you to grieve with its characters.  You're immersed in the story, so much so that you feel what they're feeling.  When a beloved character experiences loss - of someone they love, of a friendship, of their innocence - you feel their pain.  When he grieves, you grieve with him.  Sometimes you grieve the characters themselves; they die, you feel like you've lost a friend, and you weep.'
- Chapter 3, page 36

Let the dialogue begin ... with the quotes above or your own perspective on the first three chapters ~