'I'd Rather Be Reading' Book Club Starts Friday!

'In this book, we'll dive into the personal nature of reading - what shapes us as readers, what we bring to the page.  We'll explore how to read, how to choose good books, and what happens when we read bad ones.  We'll dive into why we connect with some books so powerfully.  We'll peek into other people's reading lives.  And we'll enjoy every minute of it because that's the kind of people we are.

How good it is to be among people who are reading.'
Anne Bogel


I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Our 5 week Online Fall Book Club begins THIS FRIDAY, October 18th!  We're settling into our favorite chairs, books and highlighters and laptops in hand, as we dive into Anne Bogel's captivating I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life.

Curling up with this little treasure was like sharing a conversation with friends over our mutual affection for books, wasn't it?  And now we get to indulge right here together!

Anne is smart and fun and has an exquisite flair for writing.  Over time, she has accumulated a vast knowledge of a number of genres and knows how to pull her reader in and get you excited about the reading life.

She chats about her life long love affair with books, the serendipity of living next door to the library, how books seem to find their perfect reader.  She drops hints on organizing your shelves to suit you best ... and admits 'bookshelf envy.'   She talks about her one day stint as a bookshop seller, and clarifies why it's not a great idea to be 'book bossy.'  And along the way she drops the names of a number of titles that'll have you enlarging your own must-read list.

Here's how we do Book Club
A post goes up 5 consecutive Fridays with two quotes from the book.  We start at the beginning of the book and work our way through as the weeks go on.  I put the passages on the table that have grabbed my attention or stolen my heart ... and then the conversation begins.  You, my beloved bookish aficionados, take it from there with your viewpoints and insights and anecdotes.

The good news?  You can drop by anytime to join the conversation ... kind of like an open house.  Or you're welcome to find a quiet corner and simply listen in if you'd prefer.

Whatever works for you works for me.

Head to your local library for your copy ... or buy the hardcover here or the Kindle version there.

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I can't wait for you to join the party ... especially if you're new around here.  Please know that the welcome mat is out ... a peek at past Book Clubs will show you that our discussions are warmly substantial and jam-packed with both fun and wisdom.

Having you join us will be the icing on the cake!  Be sure to bring your friends and fans.  Email, Twitter, FB, and Pinterest share buttons are quietly available in the gray box below.  Go ahead and subscribe right here so you won't miss a single gathering!

Please let me know you'll be joining us ... and I'll see you on Friday.  We'll be looking at the first 3 chapters ~