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Welcome to our 
Book Club!  

I couldn't be happier that you're here for our conversation.  Each Thursday for 4 weeks I'll be putting a few quotes on the table, perhaps a question or two, or maybe a video clip.

Pull up your most comfy chair, grab your book and any notes you've taken along the way, and jump right into the discussion.  We'll focus roughly on 100 pages a week more or less ... but please don't spill any spoilers on what's ahead!

Do share your own quotes and observations as we chat back and forth.  If something grabbed your heart, I want to hear about it.  Please feel free to respond to other readers' insights, too.  Just like in a real live Book Club.

And let's keep our interaction kind and respectful.

There's no book police around here ... if you haven't read the book or if you feel like you're falling behind in your reading or if you're new to leaving comments ... no big deal!  There's still plenty of room for you to bring your thoughts to the conversation.

Every person who leaves a comment {limit 2 per post!} on the four Book Club posts will be eligible for a $25 Amazon gift card.  {U.S. only and please be sure your comment links to a way to contact you.}  The winner will be announced a few days after our final session in March.

Thank you for taking your valuable time and energy to be here and for sharing the Book Club with your friends, fans, and followers.  I so value your presence around our virtual table.

Let's get this party started by taking a few minutes with this beautiful video ...


Let the conversation begin ... 

'The world, it changes in an instant.  I've seen it over and over, the way in which people forge through the days believing they have it all figured out, protected inside a safe life.  Yet there is no figuring life out, or not in any way that protects us from the tragedies of the heart.  I should have known this by now; I should have been prepared.'  
{Joy - chapter 1, p. 7}


'God came in; he entered the fissures of my heart as if he'd been waiting a long time to find an opening.  Warmth fell over me; a river of peace passed through me.  For the first time in all my life, I felt fully known and loved.' 
{Joy - chapter 1, p. 10}

'Do you ever feel that there is more, that life holds so much more, and somehow we're missing it?  I want to be part of the bigger world, make a difference, see it and feel it, engage in it.  Don't you feel that longing inside you?'  
{Joy - chapter 4, p. 31}


'And how do we feel about discovering we are not our own Master?  Just when we believe we want our life to be our very own, we discover we can only have our life by surrendering our life to that Greater Love.'
{Jack - chapter 7, p. 55}


What's surprised you most in your reading so far?


A special thanks to my dear NY friends Nancy and Carol who enthusiastically shared their personal observations and provided input on discussion questions.

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