A Mid-Winter Photo Album * Loose Ends

You know how your eyes glaze over and you sigh inwardly when people whip out nine million pictures and you're held hostage to their most recent exotic vacation excursion or lavish family celebration?

That's what's happening this month around here.  Kind of.

The only difference is that there's been no big jaunts or stupendous gatherings.  Just the dailyness of a very quiet February life in this little town tucked between the every-changing bay and the deep blue sea, a random selection of snapshots offered up in the order in which they were taken.

Unspoken loose ends of things loved, said, learned, read.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words ... and my word-well's a bit dry after Tiptoeing Gently Into Year #13, guest posting The Call to Lay Your Isaac Down, and kicking off The Becoming Mrs. Lewis Book Club & Giveaway.  I'd love for you to check out these links, if only to sit with the conversations that followed the posts.  They're a perfect example why blogging's such a meaningful slice of my life.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering about any of the pics, feel free to ask away in the comment section.  I'd be happy to share a bit ...

The Becoming Mrs. Lewis Book Club & Giveaway 
has just begun ... and you're invited!  


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