Becoming Mrs. Lewis * Book Club & Giveaway #2

Welcome back to our second Becoming Mrs. Lewis Book Club!  If you missed our first conversation, not to worry!  Simply click here to catch up.  And if you haven't gotten a copy of the book, you can grab your Kindle edition right there for $12.99 and jump right in immediately.


I'm happy to gently open this week's dialogue with yet another stirring video presented by author Patti Callahan ...

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Quotes to spark our conversation ...
'The service felt both familiar and cleansing, a ritual that hadn't changed in hundreds of years, a sanctity.  When the lights were shut off for the homily, only candlelight and torches and twilight saturated the sanctuary.  When the Eucharist was over I was the last to linger, alone in a pew with thoughts that would not settle.  Eventually I rose to return home and collapse into bed, the grief as heavy as concrete.

I wept for all the loss I had never acknowledged, all the pain I'd held in reserve: my marriage, my dreams, my career, and my health.  To acknowledge their demise meant to mourn them, and I hadn't been ready.'
{Joy, chapter 22, page 160}


'God was with me, and always had been.  He was in the earth and the wind, in the ringing and the silence, in the pain and the glory of my life.

Those bells rang for a full five minutes, but an eternity in my soul.  The scabs of my ego fell off in large chunks of acceptance: Bill doesn't love me.'
{Joy, chapter 22, page 161}


'You tolerate what you must when it becomes your reality.'
{Jack, chapter 24, page 177}


''If you're looking for a religion to make you happy, it wouldn't be Christianity,' Jack said with a laugh.  'A bottle of port might do that, but Christianity is rightfully not here to make us comfortable or happy.'
{Jack, chapter 26, page 191}


'Sometimes I felt as if my anguished prayers of uncertainty were received into the hands of great Love, and other times I sensed that they hit the ceiling and landed flat in my lap, dusty, withered, and useless.  I started to see that faith was something akin to understanding that it didn't matter so much how I felt but was closer to what I believed.'
{Joy, chapter 29, page 206}

What passages grabbed you somewhere deep this week?  Do tell ... 

and thanks for keeping our interaction warm and gracious!

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