Don't Overthink It * Session #1

Welcome, all you enthusiastic, insightful, knowledgeable readers ... I am delighted that you {yes, I'm looking at YOU} are here!

This is our first of three Sunday Evening Book Club gatherings focused on Anne Bogel's Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life.  

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, simply jump right on over to Amazon where the Kindle edition is still priced at a ridiculously crazy $1.59!  You can also get the paperback right here.  {As an Amazon Associate, I may get a small financial benefit if you use these links.}

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Let's jump right in with 3 quotes from Part One - Set Yourself Up For Success ...



{Chapter 3, page 40}

'Many are shocked when they realize that perfectionism and overthinking go hand in hand ... But once we understand the connection, we see how perfectionistic tendencies fuel overthinking.  When we face a decision, the impossibly high standards demanded by perfectionism are just that - impossible ... if we equate right with perfect, it is deadly - because when we aim for perfection, we freeze.  When perfectionism reigns, if we can't tell what the absolute, unquestionable best option is in a given situation, we do nothing - except fret about it.  Hello, analysis paralysis.'  


{Chapter 4, pages 56 - 57}

'Our lives should reflect who we are and what we care about.  We may think we know what we value but find that those values don't actually influence our decisions.  This inconsistency makes it impossible for our decisions to flow naturally.  To ensure our values align with our actual lives, we need to "fact-check" ourselves by asking, "What does my behavior indicate I value?" ... When I'm wondering if my life and my values are in sync, I've found it helpful to take a look at my calendar, because it reflects those things I value enough to actually plan for.' 


{Chapter 5, pages 67 - 68}

'It's both discouraging and empowering to realize how many problems we create for ourselves when we neglect the basic tenets of responsible adulthood.  It's discouraging because even if we don't want to, we need to do these things.  Many of these tasks - basic, boring things - don't feel important in the moment ... It's empowering because these habits are well within our control ... these basics are essential, and setting up systems to ensure they actually get done has a profound effect on our mental load.   When we establish the right habits ... we can stop much overthinking before it starts, because the things that need to get done actually get done.'  


OK!  Let the uplifting dialogue begin with the quotes above, your gleanings from Part One, the intersection of your faith with what you're discovering, or whatever you have to bring to the table ... 


P.S. #1  Read Part 2 - Take Charge, Chapters 6 - 9 for next Sunday evening's Book Club.

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P.S. #3  Please Help Me Find Some Books For My Friend touched a tender place in the hearts of many of you and truly blessed my dear friend as she does battle with cancer.  I am so deeply grateful for the generous lovingkindness you've poured her way.  

She writes, Linda - this is truly amazing!!  Such power in Christian community - even when it's on-line.  This is such a gift to me - the recommendations and the prayers!  Thank you, thank you!  I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions!  I've ordered a couple books from the library.

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