Yay!! Book Club Launches On Sunday Evening!!

Welcome, 2021!  We've been looking forward to your hope-filled appearance!  And we're celebrating your long awaited arrival by diving right into our 6th Book Club selection, Anne Bogel's Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life.  

Published last spring, I'm betting this beloved author never dreamed how her literary baby would come at just the perfect time, its debut intersecting with the pandemic's stressful intrusion on our lives, drastically altering our daily rhythms and taking us down the most unsettling and oft' tragic pathways.  

Without a doubt, 2020 took ruminating, second guessing, and decision making challenges to undreamed of heights.  

Pandemic fatigue lurks as a real and present danger for many of us.  Anne's wise and gentle strategies guide you in streamlining your daily habits and help you choose 'what to do when your brain gets stuck on the bad stuff.'  

She offers a bounty of practical thoughts on freeing ourselves from that 'analysis paralysis' that holds us hostage ... the negative thought patterns, the information overload, the perfectionism that trips us up. She speaks of identifying what kind of person you want to be and then aligning those values to both simple and complex decisions. 

And it's all easy, enjoyable reading, illustrated with Anne's own personal stories.

Lord willing, our Sunday Evening Book Club launches this coming Sunday, January 10th

Here's how we roll ...
*  Grab your copy of the book
Kindle - $9.60  $1.59!!!  WOW!!!
Paperback - $11.59 
Or check out your local library system.  {As an Amazon Associate, I may get a small financial benefit if you use these links.}   

*  Read the assigned chapters, being sure to take notes / highlight the sections that grabbed your attention.  For this 1st gathering this coming Sunday, please read Part 1: Set Yourself Up for Success.  This includes chapters 1 - 5.

*  The Book Club goes live late Sunday afternoon / early evening for 3 weeks.  Head right to the blog and join the party!  I know no better way to wrap up a quiet Sabbath or regroup from a chaotic weekend than to burrow into a quiet corner, gather in the company of other like-minded souls, and participate in a heart-warming dialogue.

And no, you don't have to show up on Sunday evening.  You are welcome to come and go as you please.  You don't even have to read the book or sign up to be included {although you might want to subscribe so you don't miss a single get-together!}

*  I'll simply share thought-provoking quotes and let Anne speak for herself.  And then swing open the doors and invite you to speak for yourself in the comment section.  I can't wait to interact back and forth with you over this meaningful book.  

With all the life experience you've gathered this past year combined with Anne's much needed direction, I know our conversations will be fascinating and informative, packed with 'aha' and 'oh you too' moments ... all combined to be incredibly helpful as we venture forward into 2021's unknowns. 

See you on Sunday ~

P.S. #1
Remember - the Kindle edition has plummeted from $9.60 to only $1.59?  Unheard of!  Crazy fabulous!  I have no idea how long this offer will last.  Click here to grab your copy now!

P.S. #2
Please Help Me Find Some Books For My Friend touches a very tender place in my heart for a dear lifelong friend.  If you haven't shared your inspirational resource, please do.  Bless you.