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My Dear Friends ~

May I be the first to say He is Risen to you this year!  Where would we be without our precious Savior's presence in our lives.  I am so grateful to call Him the Lover of my soul.

I feel like this week's been the prelude to a long-anticipated Sabbath.  I've been digging out the porch from its accumulation of winter piles and readying this springtime space for family coming in a couple days.

'I can't wait for them to get here' would be an incredible understatement!

Today, I wrapped up an 18 month on again off again project, sorting, tossing, organizing boxes of family pictures, files, letters, tchotchkes, and keepsakes ... some stuff dating back well over 100 years.  I'm more than happy to finally re-claim my cozy Nest over the garage from its catch-all storeroom status.  

Oh ... Tim and I have been working on creating a wildflower garden the past few weeks.  Tilling, weeding, sowing, watering, all the things.  Our hopes are high, our fingers are crossed.  Rabbits, don't you dare even think about itπŸ‡.


My Mom has been my life's priority for quite some time.  Maybe about four years now?  On and off and on Hospice again for almost two years, she continues her achingly slow journey heavenward, three steps forward, two steps back.  My heart is heavy even as 'the peace that passes understanding' guards me from more grief than I can possibly process and allows me to live life in the healthiest ways I can.
These days, there's nothing I'd rather do than sit quietly with her, holding her hand and singing softly while she sleeps.  I can only pray that Jesus would come and take her Home where she'll finally be free from decades of pain and increasing disability.

'Thou art my God, my times are in Thy hands' 
{Psalm 31:14-15}.  

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The possibility of indulging in an Easter picnic never dawned on me until I glimpsed Pam's whimsically charming photoshoot.

I've experienced some disturbing Holy Week considerations.  Maybe you have, too?

This Graves to Gardens Easter Project is compelling in the midst of all of life's chaos.  Check out this free unplugged Friday evening - Sunday morning experience.

'Blessed are you who need a gentle reminder that even now, even today, God is here, walking with us, meeting us in our places of sorrow and despair, desperation and grief.  Slowing lifting our chin toward hope.  Not promising to erase the pain.  But to carry it with us.  Blessed are we who realize we are never—were never—alone.  And somehow, that is good enough.'

He is Risen Indeed!



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