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Happy happy April weekend, my friends!

If you've ever found your people, you know it.  You get each other.  You share the same values, passions, and purposes.  You don't have to explain yourself every other minute.  You don't have to be anyone but who God shaped you to be.  

Your personalities, age, or ethnicity might be totally different.  Doesn't matter a bit.  Their iron sharpens your iron.  You resonate with each other.  And it shows.

I've had seasons where I've done life with 'my people' and they've been the times of my life, the most joyous, the most productive, the most fulfilling.  And then there've been seasons when I was half starving to death for lack of genuine community.

We were created to do life together in the company of others.  

And so here's my next Book Club pick.  Jennie Allen's brand new Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World.  I'm ALL IN.  We'll start the week after Easter.  More details to come.

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