Have You Run Into Karen Lately?

'At least SOME of us are walking in the right direction!'

Clearly avoiding any hint of eye contact, the sarcastic fellow shopper addressed me coldly in the frozen food aisle as she glanced my way while eyeing the ice cream on sale.

Behind my mask, I chuckled as I continued pushing my cart forward, refusing to give her the satisfaction she was craving.

My heavy mask hid my quiet laughter as I wheeled around the corner, relieved that I was out of her sight.

I didn't even think of checking the arrow's direction.

I completely forgot about buying the ice cream on my list.

I was taken by utter surprise.  I felt a bit violated.  Weirdly unsettled.  It was the first time during the pandemic that I had met 'Karen' face-to-face.

With apologies to those who legitimately bear her name, Karen has become slang for a woman with an attitude, an endless sense of entitlement, an ax to grind.

She has no qualms in calling out anybody who's not doing what she thinks is the right thing.  She is rude, self-absorbed, obnoxious, and complaining is the name of her game.  She's a self-appointed know-it-all ... and she's determined to make herself heard.

The pandemic has unwound her unsettled mind and heart, unleashing her to do damage to those unfortunate to cross her path.


Truth be told, I feel kind of bad for the Karens these days.  I'm guessing that many of them are mouthy because deep inside they're hurting.  Wounded.  Frustrated.  Scared to death.

Or are feeling disrespected.  Vulnerable.  Lost.

There are often very valid emotions rattling around inside those who respond to life with offensive words or passive-aggressive behavior.  Sadly, these souls have not learned how to handle their power-laden emotions in ways that are healthy, wise, or socially appropriate.


A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly.
- Proverbs 15:1


Kindness matters.  Compassion softens.  Grace counts.  Love wins.

Met any Karens lately?

And are we honest enough to admit that apart from God's calming presence, we {gasp} are prone to be her deep inside our rattled hearts?

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