This Yearning Washed Over Me . . .

Happy 4th, Dear Friends ~

This has been one of those jam-packed weeks for me and mine ... a precious little house sold for more than asked or imagined {no, not ours}.  Streams of family texts back and forth.  A simple birthday luncheon for a special friend.  Hours of conversation with my sister as we sat overlooking Cape Cod Bay's still waters.  Quiet moments with mom as she rested in the big blue chair in her bedroom corner.

Lengthy phone calls, some deadly serious and others gleefully joyful.  The somber spreading of ashes.  A kiddie sized bowl of decadent chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  Endless discussions with my husband.  Sweet times of meditation on God's Word.

And the long-dreaded, astoundingly stress-free installation of Invisilign in this almost 65 year old's out-of-kilter mouth.

Yet, with all that's been swirling around here, this yearning washed over me as I loaded the washer early this morning.  To simply drop in and say 'hi' to you.  

In person. 

Meeting you face to face.  Seeing your hearth and home and very personalized writing space.  I picture us sharing glasses of frosty iced tea as we spill our stories from years past or of these last few days.  Comparing notes, exclaiming 'oh, you, too?!,' laughing and crying, grabbing each other's hand as we exchange tales of victories and heartbreaks, miracles and sorrows, hopes and prayers.

'Til then, just know that I love and appreciate you.  I thank God 'upon every remembrance of you.'  I'm beyond grateful that we're doing life together even from afar.

This holiday will look vastly different than the norm without fanfare and parades, fireworks and crowded gatherings.  And my prayer for us all as this summer continues to tumble forward with all its very real and valid concerns, is that each day will be bathed with peace and anticipation of good things to come.

Even and especially in the hard times.

Sending my best your way ~



visiting with Lisa & Mary