Here's What You're Telling Me You're Struggling With . . .

I'm thinking that one of the biggest gifts we can give each other right about now is the lovely gift of presence.  The sheer gift of listening well to another soul without lobbing a whole bunch of questions or opinions or Bible verses at each other.  The nod of the head in understanding and appreciation of where the other is coming from.

Respectful validation.  Virtual hugs.

Saying, 'oh yes, me, too.'

No judgement.  No guilt or shame.  No pat answers or advice.

No, none of that.

Of course, there's the time for sharing Scripture and encouraging words and we trade alot of those powerful blessings back and forth around here.

But today I'm giving you needed space, I'm honoring what you've told me in the conversations after recent posts.  About what you're wrestling with, what you're concerned about, how this traumatic season is impacting you down deep.

I want you to know you are loved and cared for.  I pray for you.  Many of your responses mirror some of my own.

We're all in this together, dear friends.

Jesus loves us.

His Spirit whispers, peace, be still {Mark 4:3}.

I've tried to be more intentional about naming what I'm feeling. It helps.
-  L

I have to know what is in my “backyard.”  What do I have to navigate? What is the effect on me locally?
-  C

It's important that we still honour our feelings and be okay (not beat up on ourselves) if we just can't seem to get the energy to do but rather need to process, maybe even sleep more. It's kind of like a grieving journey.
-  L

Whatever we normally struggle with is being magnified because we're left with our thoughts and our small spaces.
-  M

Yesterday I had overwhelming fear ... I admit I have had anxious thoughts.
-  P

It's okay to feel. We're humans who have been thrown into something none of us could've ever predicted.
-  Y

This has been a difficult week. I’ve lost track of who I am … and mostly how I am … more often than I can count. There’s an exhaustion of my spirit, a wordless, nameless, defies-all-description malaise. I can’t get out of my own way and often don’t finish what I’ve started. I’ve become the world’s worst listener, so lost as I am in my own fog of non-thoughts, but feeling every single one of that which I cannot articulate. Anxiety, yes. Depression, probably slightly.
-  B

Just this morning I was in a funk and spent time to try and figure out the emotions I was feeling. Just naming them helps us be able to deal with them.
-  T

My biggest concern has been the people of the church I pastor. Checking on them. Making sure they are okay.
-  B

I confess I have not handled my fear well. I keep trying to hand it over to the Lord, but then I seem to snatch it right back and that has me feeling shameful. I've had to quit reading and watching the news and even having to screen what blogs I read. I'm an avid reader but for the life of me, I can't pick up a fiction book because I just can't focus on reading right now. I wish I could escape into a good book.
-  G

My own mother is 91, and I'm a bit worried about her at this time, but since we have to quarantine due to Danny's preexisting conditions, we cannot help her at this time - makes me so sad. 
-  M

We are in stage 3 lock down here in Australia so no going out for meals out or ice cream. We're allowed to have a walk but must go straight home, no stopping, no sitting to look at the scenery. Only going out to essential work or to get essentials now.  The police & military have been placed so no one breaks those conditions.
-  J

It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride with my emotions.
-  M

Nesting hasn't been as peaceful or relaxed as it sounds like yours is. I feel more pressure from various directions in my life than normal actually. Some of it is because a blogger's life is never done ... especially since there are many who need our calming voice in the midst of this chaos. But also because I'm used to less cooking, and thereby, less cleaning around my home!
-  B

Adjusting to new routines and people around all the time has taken a bit of time.
-  L

I'm grieved for those who are sick or who have lost loved ones. 
-  D

I would describe myself as somewhat ill at ease some parts of every day with occasional forays into panic. :-)
-  B

I am worried and anxious. I try to limit my exposure to the non-stop news cycle to once a day. 
-  L

I don't think I am too worried.  However, I don't seem to be sleeping much at night, so something is going on in my head.
-  M

Like a bad dream.
-  L

Oh, God. Bless the merciful. Bless them.
Bless the hospital chaplains who are crying and praying in trauma rooms with the scared and the hurting. Bless the doctors and the nurses, the janitors and the lunch ladies, the front-line workers and behind the scenes faithful ones during this terrible time. Bless the ones in the nursing homes with lonely seniors, putting themselves at risk to keep caring for the vulnerable. Bless the families on the other side of the window glass with phones, smiling and waving and holding up signs of love to their elders. Bless the vulnerable and at-risk and those who open their doors to them even in the midst of a pandemic. Bless the scared kids and the adults who notice them.



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