These 6 Posts Rang Your Bell

We find ourselves just about half way through 2018.  I find that stark reality a bit hard to swallow, but it's true, isn't it.  

And no matter how disciplined our own personal social media life is, those of us who blog do keep our eyes on the stats, don't we.

And that's ok, as long as those pesky numbers don't call the shots, because they give us a peek at what hits home for our readers, what meets their needs, what floats their boats.  I'm not so much interested in page hits as I am in how the conversation goes after I hit the orange PUBLISH button.

For whatever reason, the six posts below turned out to be our biggest conversation launchers so far this year.

I find it interesting that most of these posts were written in the dead of winter when many of us were held hostage by frigid winter storms that left us with nothing better to do than hang around online.

{I left out the one with the most comments because it included a $25 gift card giveaway!  Duh.}

If you're new around here, the conversations that follow offer you a taste of what it looks like when we all gather around a topic that grabs us somewhere deep, shakes us up, and makes us re-consider or re-configure or some such thing.

And if you've been here forever, maybe you'll spot something you missed along the way.

Here's the best conversations we've had so far in 2018 ...

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