I'm Feeling Kinda Bookish These Days

For those of us who simply adore a stack of accumulated books on a table, who find comfort in curling up in a quiet corner with the heft of a volume in eager hands, who greedily inhale that musty fragrance of old favorites, who delight in sagging shelves filled and spilling over, who glory in slowly turning pages mint crisp or those with edges fragile and deckled with time ... well, this one's for you.

Here's ten random observations {and the key word is random} ...

I'll give a book 50 pages.
If I'm not loving what I'm reading after 50 pages, if it's not holding my attention or capturing my heart, I'm done.  Life's too short to waste time plowing through endless pages that hold no meaning.  Last night I turned the light off on a volume that was far too depressing.  A few days earlier I closed the cover on a novel with characters I just couldn't care about.

I'm done with my compulsion to finish every book I open.  

I keep a book journal.
I've tracked every single book I've read over the past 26 years.  All 772 of them.  A little blue and red striped reading journal has been my steady companion since 1992, the worn cover features a little teddy holding a red balloon in his right paw ... with title, author, and completion date scrawled in pen on its lined pages.  

Flipping through the pages is like a nostalgic jaunt down memory lane.  2016 was the most bountiful year with 49 books noted.  The leanest season was 1995 with a measly total of 11 books.  That was the year the 40 year old mom of 2 teenagers grabbed her brand new bookbag and headed off to school again.

My mantel always features books arranged just so.  
There were the hefty faded red tomes written by Winston Churchill that held court over the holidays, kept company by cranberry colored strings of wooden beads.  For spring, I've brought out a bunch of old blue books, jars of accumulated sea glass, and turquoise glass buoys all intermixed together. 

Bindings facing out, facing in, laying on their sides, standing grouped together ... whatever.  Books displayed front and center in the living room make me smile. 

John Grisham is my favorite author.
His best-selling legal thrillers are my top choice when it comes to fiction.  Over the years, I've collected just about every book he's written {usually at library bag sales} ... and have read and re-read these novels with delight.

And yes, I've discovered that you really can read 400+ pages in one day if you want to.

You'll find introverted guests at overcrowded parties perusing a noisy room's book shelves.
Checking out another reader's collection sure beats small talk with people you never met ... or looking at your watch wondering when you can make a hasty exit.  And chances are another book lover will join you sooner or later and you'll walk away with a new friend. 

I've been using the same NIV Bible since March of 1989.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away from this, my most meaningful possession.  Held together by layers of packing tape, edges tattered beyond repair, its pages are filled with 29 years of notes and quotes, lined verses, and circled passages.  I thank God for all those pastors, teachers, professors, Bible Study leaders, and friends who have left their Christ-shaped mark on my life.

My favorite book blog is Modern Mrs. Darcy.
The lovely Anne Bogel is right here.  This author and conversationalist has a huge following and it's no wonder.  You'll find interesting posts on books, home, life, a fun reading link-up each month, beautiful photos, and superb podcasts on all things bookish.

I was never able to get into a Kindle.
Sorry.  I have ten books loaded and ready to roll.  But it's just not the same as turning real pages.

I've already picked out our next Book Open House read.
We've been having such a beneficial time conversing our way through Invitation to Solitude and Silence that I'm pretty sure we're going to kick off our next Book Open House after Easter with my 2nd favorite book of all time.  

I'm so excited I can't stand it!  Please subscribe so you won't miss out.  I do believe you're gonna love it.

Little Sister & I Chat About This Month's Favorite Novel ... & Her Fabulous Book Club
This is my hands down all time favorite book post ... and one of yours, too.  And I'm sure Marilyn won't mind if once again we give away her book club's list of selections {16 years - 119 reads!} with anyone who leaves a comment on today's post and then sends an email to me at lindastoll @ juno . com 

We're talking anything and everything bookish ... jump on in!


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