What's On Your Night-Table?

That piece of oft' unnoticed furniture lodged bedside speaks volumes about what's necessary for us at first dawn and as we burn the midnight oil.

And I'm guessing that the volumes stacked or strewn on our night stands say more about our reading than what's prominently displayed on coffee tables, tossed on desks, or perched perilously in random piles.

For these are the pages we reach for first thing in the morning and the ones that rock us into slumber late evening ... or maybe offer a soothing whisper in the middle of the night when we find that sleep eludes all efforts.

Here's the three books holding court this unedited morning ...

NIV Bible 
I'm doing a chronological reading, finding myself in 1 Samuel these days.  While I follow a plan, I do so loosely and am not tied to specific chapters on specific days.  I move slowly through the Word, this pace works for me, and keeps false guilt at bay when I miss a day or two.  No racing to catch up to the calendar date on a piece of paper.  I like this grace.  And I enjoy reading the Bible in the order that the events unfolded.
Chronological Reading Plan

Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life
Sarah Young's devotionals have always hit close to where I live.  I'm drawn to her little dialogues, the honest appraisal of emotions and challenges that speak to right where I'm coming from.  Jesus' responses are filled with truth laced with deep kindness.  The Scriptures are printed out and not just referenced.  That's appealing to me.  And I often share her readings with counseling clients after a session together.
Hardcover & Kindle

As Bright As Heaven
I pretty much read just one book at a time ...and Susan Meissner's brand new novel is front and center.  I've only read 27 pages, but I'm pretty sure I'm in.  Set in 1918 Philadelphia, the inside cover tells me that the storyline focuses on the Spanish flu pandemic, the overwhelming loss of loved ones, and a little orphaned baby who becomes a family's single source of hope.  'A compelling story of a mother and her daughters who find themselves in a harsh world not of their making that will either crush their resolve to survive or purify it.'
Hardcover & Kindle

So ... what's on your night-table?

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