Let's Pray for Each Other

A number of us are dealing with major challenges right about now.  You and I have chatted together or I've read it on your online space.  We need to do more than talk it through.  We need to pray.  Steadfastly.  Fervently.  With each other, for each other.

I'm committed to pray for you.

You are grieving a great loss that has shaken you to your core.

Your kids are making choices that are breaking your heart ... and leaving you frightened beyond words.

You've gotten a recent diagnosis that has left you filled with anxiety.

Your church is going through an unsettling upheaval.

You're shaking your head in bewilderment at what's happening in this country and wondering how / if you'll vote in the upcoming election.

An important relationship is in tatters.

You've got some big decisions to make ... and soon.


I invite you to accept any or all of these 3 invitations:  

1.  Share your prayer request, big or small, with this community in the comment section.  No need to give private details ... and you can call yourself Anonymous if you'd like.  God knows who you are.

If you're comfortable responding to another's prayer request with a written prayer for them, please do so in the comment section.  What a huge blessing you will be.

Come back throughout the week to check in and see what God is doing.  Feel free to leave more than one request or prayer.

{Reading this post on email and want to participate?  Simply go here to arrive online where you can click on the little red comment link at the end of the post.  If you have trouble navigating, just let me know at LindaStoll@juno.com and I'll take care of it for you.}

2.  Email me your private request at LindaStoll@juno.com.  Let me know that it's private and your needs will remain between Him, you, and me.

3.  Find a prayer below that fits where you are and claim it as your own.  Go ahead and bookmark these for future use if you'd like.  And yes, please feel free to share these with your small group, on Facebook, Twitter ... or wherever.

And I'd so appreciate your prayers as I have a same-day procedure on Monday to remove a cyst and a few bits and pieces that don't need to be inside my body anymore.  {No, it's not cancer, and yes, I'll leave an update here afterward!}

Gratefully we lift each other up to the One who loves us most.  We bear one another's burdens, we pray for miracles, we trust that God will hear and respond to the desire of our hearts in the ways He deems best.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus  ~ Philippians 4:6 - 7.

Let us pray ...