What's Saving My Wintertime Life

Hey you guys!

How do you put your creative energies to work to defeat the blues, the news, the isolation, the disappointment that so easily combine to intrude and re-define how we see ourselves?

And what's God inviting you to in the process?

Here's a sampling of what's feeding, calming, and nurturing body, mind, and soul this winter ...


Creating, puttering, writing, arranging, tending, and keeping the home fires burning.  Opening the windows for a few minutes, heading out for a walk, sitting fireside with a friend, simmering a pot of soup. 

Indulging in an afternoon nap. 

There's a satisfying delight in the dailyness of tasks and activities that come with homekeeping, ministry, relationship building, and nurturing online community.

A great big mug of hot tea with plenty of honey.  Maybe some mulled cider with a cinnamon stick.  Grabbing a cup of steaming hot chocolate before heading over to the beach to wave-watch.  

This free app for Christ-centered, prayerful meditation is worth its weight in gold.

Let's hear it for less surfing, scrolling, and clicking ... and more relaxing jigsaw puzzles.  I'm not interested in head-scratching challenges, only in assembling beautiful pictures that make me smile!  

Snuggled under a fuzzy throw by the fire ... or curled up in bed under a quilt or two.  Ever since I was little, there've been few days where I haven't immersed myself in gently turned pages.  I've found comfort in ... 

24 hours of gentle, de-stressing melody.  Yes, please.

So ... what's saving YOUR deep-mid-winter life?  I can't wait to read what's working for you ... or hear what God might be inviting you to!
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