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'In a month we'll be setting up the porch again,' I announced to my husband as I wandered out to my favorite room, glazed donut in hand.  Images of wide open windows, gentle breezes, and the sound of bird song danced in my head.  Tall glasses of iced tea, burgers off the grill, and lazy conversations around the table invited me forward to what's ahead.

Lord willing.

But today's reality is this: the comfy wicker furniture is covered with old blankets.  The big ol' farmhouse table is shoved into a corner, covered with bits of ancient crockery and sea glass that I dug from the tidal muck a few months back.  These frigid days find my favorite room reimagined as an impromptu woodshop, a recycling center, and the landing place for wet, sandy footwear.

Spring arrives very late in this neck of the woods.  But that's ok.  I'm a daydream believer.

Easy to read, yet comprehensive.  I can guarantee someone in your world is dealing with one of these brain health issues.  

'God didn’t make you to be loved by everyone. He didn’t make you to be generic and bland. He did not send you to this earth so that you could be invited to all the parties or included in every group text ...'

We're having a whole lot of fun comparing notes this week.

'I keep hearing and seeing more than a few church leaders working off a set of assumptions that, in all likelihood, aren’t going to pan out ...'

Barbara's giving heapings of hope and cookies.  If anyone knows how to welcome this longest shortest month of the year, it's her.

'Through my tears and vulnerable sharing of deep emotional pain, I was told we don't need counselors to help us today because they didn't have them in the Bible.  I bristled ...'
Each morning, I post a Bible verse on LinkedIn.  
Psalm 121:2 seemed to speak to the most hearts this week.

Granddog Rosie and I hope your weekend will be filled with surprises that warm your heart and give you hope.  Grab your grass skirt, friends ...

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