A Bunch of Autumn Snapshots

This is the day the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it!
-  Psalm 118:24  - 


Fall's shimmies on in, slow and graceful yet persistent.  And even though I usually drag my feet when it's time to bid farewell to summer, I'm welcoming this fresh season with a good measure of serendipitous enthusiasm and wide open arms.   

The sun is shining all golden and warm, a cool breeze makes its way through when the clouds float by, the birds are going crazy feathering their nests, their songs often insistent, sometimes fleeting.  The leaves around here stubbornly refuse to don their autumn hues yet being out and about is an absolute pleasure.  

A brisk morning walk never seemed so delightful, so right, so welcome.  A late afternoon stroll down the beach so mandatory, so serendipitous, so therapeutic.

Despite life's very real and valid concerns, I'm sleeping better than I have in years.

There's some reorganizing projects going on, a few pieces of furniture to be hauled around, a stack of books to settle down with, a decision or two awaits.  I'm finally eating healthier instead of randomly grazing at will.  A new door is opening, we gather with friends and visit with Mom, yet another family member looks to be emerging from covid's awful grasp.

God is good.  

Yes, work and family and those screens and homekeeping tasks beckon us to stay inside and busy.  But when at all possible, let's not linger too long indoors.  Let's do what we need to do and then head outside.  For we know that before long we'll decide that lingering indoors in front of a warm fire is the only sane choice to make.

These are the good old days.  And we will rejoice and be glad in them!

Now ... if I can only find some of those elusively serendipitous blue pumpkins ~

Yep, serendipity is my 2021 One Word.  You'll find more snapshots right here.

P.S. #2 
My friends Barbara and Debby have penned the loveliest odes to September ... click on their names to savor their serendipitous musings.


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